Hydraulic training


Valves (Hydraulic System Controller Components)

Fluid energy is controlled by control devices called so-called milk. Milk is divided into three main categories in terms of performance:

1. Directional control valves

2. Pressure control valves

Flow control valves

Depending on the type of stimulation of the milk, the following types are offered:

1. Manual stimulation

2. Excitation by fluid pressure directly or through the control circuit

3. Cellular Stimulation

4. Mechanical or cam stimulation

5. Air stimulation

Directional control valves

– One way milk

– One-way valve triggering command line

– Two way valves

– Multi-way valves

—Maccio valves

– Pressure control valve

Pressure control valves


Simple assurance milk

– Combined assurance valve

– Pressure reducing valve

—Unloading milk

– Balancing milk

– Sequential milk

– Pressure switches

Flow control valves

They are divided into two categories:

1- No compensation system

2- With compensation system

Types of flow control valves:

1- Pressure control valve with pressure compensation system

2- Flow control valve with temperature and viscosity compensation system

3. Milk with preference flow system

4- Speed ​​reducing valves

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